13 Latest Music Player Applications on Android for 2022 – Viral35.com

13 Latest Music Player Applications on Android for 2022 – Viral35.com
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13 of the newest music player applications on Android for 2022. Listening to your favorite music while on the move will make your mood better, even music can accompany you when you drive every day.

What distinguishes a smartphone from a regular cell phone is the choices it offers are almost limitless.

It’s not just a means of communication, it’s a camera, computer, television, and of course a music player.

As a music player, including smart phones have many choices. It’s no longer the time for you to keep archives of songs on your cellphone to play them.

Android smartphones, which are the most popular in the country, have many fun music player applications.

And below are the 13 newest music player applications on Android for 2022, including the following. Viral35.com.


image 29

To play music on your Android smartphone, Phonograph can be a good music player application.

Because, Phonograph has been wrapped in Material Design and the interface is very smooth and doesn’t spoil the eye.

In this app, you can also change the main color and accent color according to your wishes.

So you can for the best music player application on Android according to your ideals and character.

Application Name Phonograph
Developer Karim Abou Zeid
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 1 million

Pulsar Music Player

image 31

Pulsar Music Player is also made from Material Design. This application allows you to browse music using available folders, albums, genres, or even artists.

In addition, this music player application also has several other interesting features, including exclusive support for last.fm, automatic download of artwork, a wide variety of themes, and smart playlists.

Application Name Pulsar Music Player
Developer Rhythm Software
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 5 million

Shuttle Music Player

image 32

Maybe this application can be the best, best-looking music player application on your Android smartphone.

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This is because the Shuttle Music Player has many interesting features, for example providing a 6-band equalizer to enhance bass quality, gapless playback to make the music player not stop while changing songs, last support. fm, and most certainly there is a sleep timer.

Application Name Shuttle Music Player
Developer SimpleCity
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 1 million


image 33

Musixmatch used to be “Best App of 2015” in Google Play Store. Apart from listening to music, you can also view the lyrics presented here.

Musixmatch is also synchronized using other music streaming applications such as Spotify, Play Music and so on.

When you see the lyrics, but you forget the title, it’s very easy, you just have to type part of the lyrics and then TENG! Find the song you want to find.

Application Name Musixmatch
Developer Musixmatch
Downloaded 50 million

JetAudio Music Player + EQ

image 34

JetAudio Music Player + EQ is a free music player that features an equalizer for up to 10 bands, which allows you to mix various sound effects.

This Android music player application also supports plugins such as Crystalizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer, and includes Bongiovi DPS. At CNET.com, jetAudio is the application with the highest download value.

Application Name JetAudio Music Player + EQ
Developer Team Jet
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million

MixZing Music Player

image 35

When you want to listen to radio channels using a music player app on your Android smartphone the best for you is MixZing Music Player.

With this app, you can take the option to connect to major radio stations to listen to. In addition, MixZing includes allowing you to search for songs by genre.

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Oh yes, this application can also display lyrics, and also provides an attractive graphic equalizer, so you won’t get bored looking at your cellphone when using MixZing.

Application Name MixZing Music Player
Developer Dub Studio Productions
Rating Go 12
Downloaded 10 million

Poweramp Music Player

image 36

Furthermore, an application that can play your music using a charming interface is Poweramp Music Player.

This application can play audio formats such as .MP3, .MP4/MP4A including .ALAC, .OGG, .WMA, .FLAC, .WAV, .KERA, .WV, .TTA, .MPC, and also .AIFF.

You can also adjust the bass and treble sync to your liking. Other features include gapless playback support, replay gain, playing music from folders, customizable visual themes, and so on.

Application Name Poweramp Music Player
Developer Poweramp Software Design (Max MP)
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 50 million

PlayerPro Music Player

image 38

PlayerPro Music Player categorized music from various albums, artists, composers, genres, songs, playlists to folders.

Apart from that, you can also play videos or even search for videos through this application. When you are bored to see your interface.

The best Android music player application allows you to change it by installing one of the skins available here.

Unfortunately, this application can only be enjoyed for up to 10 days of the trial period, the rest you need to pay IDR 55,000.

Application Name PlayerPro Music Player
Developer BlastOn SA
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million

n7player Music Player

image 37

This music player for Android devices is quite intuitive when browsing music. The music player application called n7player Music Player is perfect for those of you who don’t like complicated.

Because the application is presented in a user-friendly interface. Here, you can create your own custom equalizer presets, therefore you can also be as creative in the music world as a professional.

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n7player is also connected with ToasterCast, where it allows you to listen to your most loved music on external devices via Chromecast, AirPlay, and also DLNA.

Application Name n7player Music Player
Developer N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o.
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million

Rocket Player

image 39

Rocket Player is also one of the impressive Android music player apps, you can have more than 30 different themes.

Apart from that, not wanting to be outdone by the others, Rocket Player also provides a sleep timer, support for playing videos, scrobbling support, a Batch option to select several songs at once, and also displays lyrics. Admin is sure that you will not be disappointed using this one application.

Application Name Rocket Player
Developer JRT Studio Music Players
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million


image 40

AIMP is one of the music players created for your Android smartphone. The audio formats that can be played here are .APE, .MPGA, .MP3, .WAV, .OGG, .UMX, .MOD, .MO3, .IT, .S3M, .MTM, .XM, .AAC, .FLAC, .MP4, .MP4A, .M4B, .MPC, .WV, .OPUS, .DFF, .DSF, & .TTA. AIMP.

Including having the capability for multi-channel audio. Apart from that, there are many more features which of course you won’t regret downloading AIMP.

Application Name AIMP
Developer Artem Izmaylov
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million

DoubleTwist Music Player

image 42

DoubleTwist Music Player is one of the anti-mainstream apps available on Android. The reason is, this application is another interesting application for those of you who don’t use iTunes.

You can sync music to your Android smartphone from a Mac or PC device using a USB cable.

Then, you can also download album covers that are suitable for your music knowledge legally so that when connected this music player application looks elegant.

Application Name DoubleTwist Music Player
Developer doubleTwist™
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 million

Apple Music

image 43

Apple Music is a downloadable application for Android smartphones. This application can be used when you are bored with the world of Android.

And if you want to enjoy the iOS interface on your Android device, you can also play more than 30 million songs in the Apple Music catalog.

Unfortunately, this one feature can only be enjoyed for 3 months for free, the rest you are required to pay for it.

Application Name Apple Music
Developer Apple
Downloaded 50 million

Closing remarks

Thus the admin’s discussion this time about the latest information for all of you, hopefully it can be useful and can also help, thank you.



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