1899 Netflix Show Release Date, Cast, Update And Is It Renewed

1899 Netflix Show Release Date, Cast, Update And Is It Renewed
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Following the success of 1899 season 1, fans are eager to know whether Netflix will renew a season 2 for 1899, check out the expected release date and expected season 2 cast list

Ever since it released in Netflix on November 17, the show has seen great success.

1899 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Update And Is It Renewed

1899 has sci-fi and mystery themes that make it a very convincing performance. Fans who have already chosen to binge on the show are desperately waiting for the second season.

1899 Season 2 Renewal Status

As of now, Netflix hasn’t confirmed any official news regarding the renewal status for 1899. However, fans are hopeful for a season 2 due to the success of season1. Moreover, Netflix is usually known to take some time before deciding the fates of the any show.

The streaming giant will consider several factors before renewal, including the viewership number and the making costs. Since 1899 season 1 just released recently, Netflix may not announce the show’s renewal for a few weeks or months.

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Official Trailer

The official trailer for the 1899 series currently has over 8 million views on YouTube. In fact, it is one of the highest-watched trailers for a Netflix show. In comparison, the trailer for Young Royals season 2 that debuted on the same day only has around a million views.

Based on the trailer views, lots of people will probably watch the show and possibly lead to its renewal. Moreover, season 1 ended with several unanswered questions, which further gives a higher possibility for a new season.

Jantje Friese a co-creator for 1899 previously stated in an interview that they are trying to make a multi-season show. However, this will eventually depend on how well the viewers receive the first season.

Season 2 Expected Release Date

As of now, since Netflix hasn’t announced a sequel, the release date for 1899 Season 2 cannot be confirmed. Season 1 was filmed between May 2021 and November 2021, and it released in November 2022. This means that post-production work roughly took about a year.

If Netflix follows the same trend for season 2, i.e. if it does get renewed, then 1899 season 2 will release in 2024.

1899 Expected Season 2 Cast

Fans can expect all the lead cast members of the show to return for season 2. Given below is the 1899 star cast list:

  • Andreas Pietschmann as Eyk Larsen
  • Aneurin Barnard as Daniel Solace
  • Emily Beecham as Maura Franklin
  • Miguel Bernardeau as Angel
  • José Pimento as Ramiro
  • Isabella Wei as Ling Yi
  • Gabby Wong as Yuk Je
  • Yann Gael as Jerome

Besides the main cast, the other cast members who could make a return on the show are:

  • Mathilde Ollivier as Clemence
  • Jonas Bloquet as Lucien
  • Rosalie Craig as Virginia
  • Maciej Musiał ace Olek
  • Clara Rosager as Tove
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen as Krester
  • Maria Erwolter as Iben
  • Alexandre Willaume as Anker
  • Tino Mewes as Sebastian
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