Camping in Northern Canada: Awesome Locations You Should Visit

Camping in Northern Canada: Awesome Locations You Should Visit
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One of the best parts about camping is that it allows you not only to spend a great time in nature, enjoying your vacation with friends or family members but also to travel and constantly discover new places. As such, camping makes life more fulfilled with interesting things, and unique experiences, also it helps you to get to know yourself better and has a great effect on well-being both physical and mental, which is the best thing about staying in nature.

Camping in Northern Canada Awesome Locations You Should Visit

Tent camping under Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) at Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon.

For such purposes, Northern Canada is a perfect region. The locations of this part of the country are represented by amazing landscapes, magnificent scenery, and plenty of lakes, rivers, and beautiful forests. Due to its natural features, the North of Canada is an awesome place to visit at any time of the year. It’s easy to have a great camping experience here in summer, spring, or even during the cold winter months. The main thing is to get a suitable multi-person tent that will keep your group comfortable in hot weather if you are going in the summer, or find extreme cold weather tents for 3 persons if winter is on the calendar, but your desire to go on a trip is above the weather conditions! Indeed, the beauties of nature that the northern part of Canada has to offer, as well as the northern lights that can be observed in some areas, are really worth seeing with your eyes.

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Let’s take a look at some of the popular and amazing camping spots there are in the North of Canada.

Pacific Rim

This National Park in British Columbia is not far away from Vancouver, so getting here is not too difficult. Due to its location, Pacific Rim has some truly magnificent and breathtaking scenery to offer. Several miles of coastline with gorgeous beaches, many small lakes, and a big variety of fauna and flora make this park a great option for outdoor recreation.

The charm of this place is beautiful both in the summer months and in the winter season so Pacific Rim is a versatile camping location. Also, there are plenty of places where you can set up a camp, thus you don’t need to search for a suitable place for a long time.

One of the bonuses of this park is the opportunity to see whales. Since Pacific Rim is located on the ocean shore, these amazing animals can appear on the horizon from time to time.

Another feature of the park is dense forests, which will especially appeal to travelers who enjoy such scenery and are always happy to spend a couple of days in such an area.


The National Park at New Brunswick is another location worth adding to your camping list.

This national park may not be one of the most popular, but many travelers visit it both during the warmer months and the winter season.

Kouchibouguac has a fairly large territory, so there will always be a good place where you can set up camp, as well as find something to do. With snow falling, you can have fun doing various winter activities, so it will definitely not be boring here.

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In addition, the National Park is represented by mixed forests, which provide this place with a special beauty when the tops of the trees are covered with snow, or when the foliage becomes yellow with the arrival of autumn. Also, Kouchibouguac has many lagoons, dunes, and salt marshes, which makes this place diverse and interesting.

Cape Breton Highlands

This is an astonishing National Park in the North of Canada in Nova Scotia. Here you can find many hiking trails, and the area itself is represented by breathtaking mountain scenery, which gives great aesthetic pleasure.

In addition, many trails are located on the tops of the mountains, which additionally allows you to include a little adrenaline in your camping, thereby making it more thrilling and exciting.

The magnificent and varied flora, the mountainous terrain, and the spectacular landscapes you can enjoy while being on the peaks all of these makes Cape Breton an awesome place to camp at any time of the year, as there is always something to admire.

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park

Thomas Raddall is another interesting site for camping that is also located in Nova Scotia. If Cape Breton is great for those who enjoy a little adrenaline rush while walking on the top of the mountains, Thomas Raddall Park is a perfect place to camp with kids, so you can often find family travelers here.

The Provincial Park has amazing landscapes of nature, a spacious area, and offers many trails for hiking or cycling. Also, the Park has several beaches with great views of the coast.

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Camping is an excellent opportunity to break out of routine and discover some new interesting places. And the northern part of Canada is a great example of such. This region has a wide variety of locations where you can have a great time in nature and those places we have already considered are just a small number of them!

Regardless of the season, camping is worth trying, as people need to take a break from time to time not only in the summer but throughout the whole year to keep motivated and full of energy, as well as healthy, because traveling and outdoor activities are the best options for a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to include camping in your life, you need a few things and these are your desire, a group of like-minded people, and some skills that may help you to make the trip comfortable, for example, you can find some tips for beginners, get better knowledge about camping gear or learn how to choose a four-person tentas the choice of shelter largely impacts the experience of camping that you may get. In general, camping is a great way to fill your life with interesting events and it is worth trying!

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