Charlie Hunnam Can’t Let Things Go Shantaram Episode 10 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Charlie Hunnam Can’t Let Things Go Shantaram Episode 10 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]
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Screen Rent Happy to present an exclusive clip from episode 10 of Apple TV+ Shantaram. Based on Gregory David Roberts’ bestselling novel of the same name, the series follows Charlie Hunnam’s Australian bank robber Lin, who escapes to Mumbai after escaping from prison. Hoping to leave her past of bank robberies behind and make a fresh start, Lin realizes that no matter where she is, trouble will not leave her alone. Despite this, he makes good use of his medical skills and serves his village as a doctor, something that has earned him the wrath of authorities and crime lords alike – not to mention his own cholera seizure.

Hunnam, who first achieved great success with his role in the cult hit drama sons of anarchyadmirably leading the cast Shantaram through the twists and turns required by the plot. Episode 10, titled “Dig Two Graves”, is sure to be another dramatic introduction that will have Lin fight to protect the people she grew up to care for. But first, the show must answer the question of how she can escape Mumbai and whether she chooses to do so after all the personal connections she has made. Screen Rent‘s exclusive clip, shown below, shows that he may find himself in an even more complex web before he finds his way out.

What to Expect from Shantaram Episode 10

special clip from Shantaram Episode 10 begins with Didier (Vincent Perez) wondering if Lisa (Elektra Kilbey) is really okay with the current situation. Despite keeping quiet, Lin insists that everything is fine for her. Still, the passports for the upcoming departure won’t be ready until the next day, giving Lin plenty of time to worry about the trouble Lisa and Modena have gotten themselves into. Didier rightly guesses it’s none of her business, but Lin doesn’t let go of the ghosts of her past and can’t let sleeping dogs do their bit.

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The truth is the title Shantaram Episode 10, “Digging Two Graves,” already serves as an ominous warning sign for those familiar with the old adage about revenge. As Detective Wally Nightingale hunts down Lin after getting a confession from Charlie, Lin is in a difficult situation to escape her past and escape her present. He also has an issue with his relationship with Karla (Antonia Desplat) that needs to be resolved, as the series discovers how their dangerous situation is getting in the way of their feelings for each other.

Despite all the chaos surrounding Lin, it’s also important to remember this. Shantaram Means “man of peace”. The nickname may seem ironic at the moment, but it’s definitely something Lin aspires to, and audiences are supporting her to be worthy of her title at the end of the finale. Episodes so far have proven that her heart is in the right place even if her head doesn’t always do the same thing, but this week’s episode will make or break her story.

Chapter 10 Shantaram It launches on Apple TV+ on December 2.

Watch full video here.



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