Dog Walks in Mexico with Human Head in his Mouth

On the last day of October i.e. 30th of October, a strange and amazing sight was seen on the road of Mexico, yes you will be surprised and confused as to how this could happen.

In a viral video from Mexico, a dog can be seen running down the street with a human head in its mouth. The dog is running with the human head in its mouth, a passer-by captured the whole scene on video.

It is not yet clear who has the human head in the dog’s mouth and who is the man who made the video and what are the full details of the incident, only that it happened on the street of Zacatecas, Mexico.

Some time ago, one such incident in which a man publicly cut off his mother’s head with a dagger and separated it from her body, you can see its description and video here.

Watch Dog Walks in Mexico with Human Head in his Mouth:

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