Dragon Ball Confirms Goku’s Favorite Battle Types

Dragon Ball Confirms Goku’s Favorite Battle Types
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For someone who loves to fight dragon ball‘s skySince it has long been established that Goku loves any fight that makes him stronger, it seems ridiculous that he has a favorite combat style. However, Goku actually prefers one fighting style over the others – something that showed up in his first fight against Frieza.

Goku is a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta who was sent to Earth as a baby to destroy the world and kill every living thing on its surface. The reasoning behind this mission was that the Saiyans could sell the empty world to the highest bidder, while also giving one of the youngest members of their race a chance to become stronger by killing countless relatively weak lifeforms. While Goku did not openly fulfill this mission, it turns out that if he did, it would be for the expansion of Lord Frieza’s empire, not for the expansion of the Saiyan race. Frieza is an intergalactic tyrant who single-handedly destroyed every Saiyan in existence after militarizing and forcing them to conquer countless planets in her name. Rather than being one of Frieza’s many Saiyan soldiers to ravage the universe, Goku unwittingly turned away from the cosmic violence of Frieza’s reign and instead focused on martial arts for his own sake, but that didn’t keep him off Frieza’s radar. .long time

Inside dragon ball Episode 311, Akira Toriyama, Goku and Frieza are in the middle of their first battle on Planet Namek. Earlier in this saga, Frieza and her troops went to Namek in search of the Dragon Balls, but little did they know, Earth’s Z Warriors did exactly the same despite being unaware of the impending danger they were in. Fortunately, Goku was there, and his strength had grown exponentially since the last time he fought an enemy. In this episode, Frieza and Goku discuss where they will fight and how they want to go about it, while Frieza asks Goku whether he prefers to fight in the air or on the ground while flying. Surprisingly, Goku actually had a choice.

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Goku told Frieza that he prefers to fight on the ground rather than in the air, which at first seems surprising given all the maneuverability flying offers. However, on further thought, it actually makes a lot of sense. While fans today know of Goku as a cosmically powerful being who battles the gods, channels divine energy, and fights in an all-round tournament, Goku (at this stage of his life) has rarely fought anyone outside of Earth’s martial arts tournament circuit. throughout the original dragon ball After being introduced to them by Master Roshi, Goku competed in every World Martial Arts Tournament he could. During these tournaments, Goku was physically unable to fly at all. This means that most of Goku’s martial arts training and experience is done without flying, so given the option, Goku is more comfortable fighting with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

While Goku admits that he prefers to fight on the ground, that doesn’t mean he’s any less deadly in the air. In fact, Goku’s main training regimen consists of exercising in conditions of crushing synthetic gravity, meaning in a world like Earth or Namek, Goku feels light as a feather, making it much easier for him to fly while fighting. Finally, sky He doesn’t really care about the particular circumstances of the battle, as long as the fight itself makes him stronger, but if he has to make a choice, then that’s it. dragon ball The episode proves that he will choose to fight on the ground.

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