Eid Special Full Desi Hot Mujra Dance

Eid Special Full Desi Hot Mujra Dance – Today we will update you about new leaked viral video of Desi Mujra Dance. We’re talking about Eid Special Mujra Dance video, whose videos are getting viral on Twitter and different social media platfroms. People are curious to watch her streamy videos. Stay with Viral.Trends72.com to explore the video of Desi Mujra Dance.

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What is Mujra Dance?

Mujra is a dance performance by women in a format that emerged during Mughal rule in India, where the elite class and local rulers like the nawabs of the Indian society (often connected to the Mughal emperor’s court) used to frequent courtesans for their entertainment at night, usually followed by sexual intercourse of the nawabs with the dancer women.

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It combines elements of the native classical Kathak dance with native music including thumris and ghazals. It also includes poems from other Mughal periods like the emperors from Akbar to Bahadur Shah Zafar’s ruling periods. Mujra was traditionally performed at mehfils and in special houses called kothas. During Mughal rule in the subcontinent, in places such as Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, the tradition of performing mujra was a family art and often passed down from mother to daughter. These courtesans or tawaifs had some power and prestige due to their access to the elite class and some of them came to be known as authorities on culture. Some noble families would send their sons to them to learn etiquette and the art of conversation from them. They were sometimes called Nautch girls which included dancers, singers and playmates of their patron nawabs.

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In Lahore, Mughal empire’s Heera Mandi neighbourhood, the profession was a cross between art and exotic dance, with the performers often serving as courtesans amongst Mughal royalty or wealthy patrons. “The wealthy even sent their sons to the salons of tawaifs, high-class courtesans that have been likened to Japanese geishas, to study etiquette.”

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As a musical genre, mujras historically reconstruct an aesthetic culture of sixteenth-to-nineteenth-century South Asia in which heightened musical and dance entertainment afforded a medium for exchange between one woman and many men — what ethnomusicologist Regula Qureshi calls, “an asymmetry of power that is tempered with gentility.”

Watch Eid Special Full Desi Hot Mujra Dance video:

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