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Kamilla Ferenczi his fame was overshadowed by his leaked intimate video. Last year’s X-Factor finalist Levente Lakatos revealed in his podcast that he had already considered suicide because of this, writes the Pepper.

According to his claim, he did not know that his partner at the time was recording their time together. As he says, he was under the influence of a mind-altering drug, he was drugged, which is how the spicy recording was made of him.

“I felt terrible” said Kamilla Ferenczi, who was completely freaked out when she found out that her classmates had also seen the recording, even her singing teacher, who has been teaching her since she was 5 years old. (…) “There was a time when I wished I could die and it would all be over” he admitted.

Kamilla Ferenczi Sex Video: There was a time when I wished I were dead

Kamilla Ferenczi’s name was recognized by a country thanks to the X-Faktor. Thanks to her talent, the girl marched all the way to the final, but at the same time many were offended by his statement that he should have won the talent show. As the latest guest of Lakatos Levente’s podcast, he said that to this day it still hurts him that no matter how hard he tried, he could not win the love of young people.

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He wanted to show himself off, although it didn’t happen quite the way he had imagined. The country had just discovered him, and scandals already accompanied his journey. Because of the competition, the sex video that an ex-boyfriend made of Kamilla when she was 17 came out again. Originally, only a few people saw the recording, and the young girl rightly hoped that she could put this terrible corner of the past behind her, but in the spring of 2022, the video reached her loved ones, her family, and then the larger audience. Finally, the singer decided to come out to the public herself. He revealed: he was under the influence of a mind-altering drug, he was drugged, so the age-restricted picture sequences were made about him.

Knowing the background of his interviewee, Levente immediately asked the question: Why do you attract bad guys? Kamilla said that she never lived a boring life, she was 15 years old when she went to a party for the first time and from then on there was no stopping.

declared the girl, who at one stage of the conversation also told about the ominous video made by Kamilla’s partner at the time, with whom they had been together for more than 3 years. The girl claims that she did not know that the boy was recording their time together.

I felt terrible… In the morning, when I left her for school, I took out my phone to text her and saw that she had sent the video to herself from my phone. Later at school, I heard that he showed it to his classmates, and the teacher mentioned it. The teacher who taught me music since I was 5 years old – added Kamilla, who was understandably very affected by what happened. So much so at one time he also thought that it would be better if his life ended.

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declared the young singer, who, accompanied by her parents, filed a report against the boy at the police, as what happened is considered a crime. The girl knows that the interrogation has taken place, for now all she can do is patiently wait for the developments.

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