Is it better to buy an apartment or a house? –

Is it better to buy an apartment or a house? –
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Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?

Is it better to buy an apartment or a house? – Houses and apartments are expensive assets that are often used as investment objects or for living. Both have their excesses and deficiencies, we just need to be smart in adjusting our investment plans and also our impact profile.

There are a number of things that need to be our point of consideration, the main ones are: ownership status, the impact of handing over to receive a house/apartment unit, maintenance costs and market share unless it is for an investment object, or the surrounding area unless it is to be inhabited.

Specifically for apartments, focus your attention more on the developer’s profile because the project completion rate and project failure rate, aka “stuffed”, are quite balanced.

If you want to buy an apartment, make sure that the land around the area is already expensive, at least above 10 million per meter. If the price of land in the next place is always cheap, generally the apartment will not sell, and your investment will be in vain, because the price will not increase significantly. Even if it goes up, the movement tends to be insignificant.

If you buy a house, this is the profit you get

Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?
Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?

For those who prefer to buy a house rather than an apartment, what they get is clearer land ownership, in the sense that they don’t have to share it with other people.

It’s just that houses in strategic downtown areas are very expensive, capable of being up to twice the price of an apartment. But the house has a standard size, at least for family and neighborly living.

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This is different from apartments which are generally only for sleeping, working and minimal for socializing with neighbors in the same apartment.

Not to mention, there are many empty apartment rooms because the owner is just renting it out or is investing (waiting for the price to go up and then selling it again). For those of you who like landed houses and socializing with lots of people, there’s no problem except buying a house as long as the money is available.

For those who feel it’s better to buy an apartment, here’s the reason

Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?
Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?

Whether buying a house or an apartment, both know their ownership. Only different shapes. The ownership form of the apartment is SHM Strata Title, with another name, the land is jointly owned, but a full SHM house, with another name, owns the land.

Apartments have an excess of prestige for a “cooler” type of life, derived from social factors for the jet set community.

Besides that, if the social relations in your apartment are good, maybe those of you who live in an apartment will get a community of friends from people who are rich. This could be absolutely necessary for the continuation of your career or business in the future.

Meanwhile, if you live in housing, for the same price class as an apartment, you will only get suburban or especially out-of-town areas with middle to lower social levels. Of course this is not attractive from your career or business factors compared to an apartment.

Another consideration to think about is the housing facility. For housing, generally it is only in the form of public facilities (fasum) or at best it is in the class of a club house which contains a garden, to a swimming pool.

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This is different from apartments, which usually don’t only provide clubhouse-class facilities, they also provide other facilities, such as apartment units for businesses to co-working spaces, which are currently the trend.

Make sure you understand the purpose of the purchase: Investment or Occupied?

Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?
Is it better to buy an apartment or a house?

Not everyone buys that house or apartment to live in or actually need. The rise of housing and apartment promos always uses the marketing language “investment”. Well, the object of buying this property is absolutely to make a decision whether you are going to buy a house or an apartment.

Characteristically, apartments are more suitable for investment objects. You can benefit from rising prices when you hand over units and passive income from unit rentals.

However, in terms of impact, apartments are also more at risk. If the rent doesn’t work, then your monthly fee or service charge will continue. It hasn’t returned unless the project doesn’t work, in other words, it’s stalled. Obviously your loss is in the “total loss” category. So beware!



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