Jessica Henwick on Whether She’ll Return to the MCU After Charlie Cox’s Daredevil

Jessica Henwick on Whether She’ll Return to the MCU After Charlie Cox’s Daredevil
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iron fist star Jessica Henwick is debating whether to return to the US. Marvel Cinematic Universe After Charlie Cox’s Daredevil reappeared in the series. As Marvel Studios continues to focus on releasing new original series through Disney+, the era of original Marvel TV is slowly getting its due in the larger MCU. Follow Spider-Man: No Homecoming and Hawk EyeFrom the canceled Hell’s Kitchen-based series, both Daredevil and Kingpin have returned to the MCU. As the MCU continues the Multiverse Saga, both Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will have larger roles in Phase Five.

In a recent interview with ET OnlineHenwick as Colleen Wing iron fist and Defendersyou are asked if there is any chance of returning to the MCU. while glass bulb While the movie star hasn’t confirmed whether he’s spoken to Marvel about a potential return, Henwick makes it clear how much he loves playing this character. Henwick shares:

“I love Charlie. Look, I loved playing Colleen Wing; it was a pleasure working with Finn.” [Jones, who played Danny Rand] and Simon [Missick, who played Misty Knight.] I loved that character so much… if he came back, I’d say yes, I would!”

How Colleen Wing Could Fit In The MCU

Similar daring, iron fist It was canceled early in the broadcast and only aired for two seasons before Netflix canceled it. Luke’s Cage, jessica jonesand Punitive. Shows never had major connections to MCU movies that way. SHIELD Agents he did in previous seasons, but Defenders franchise is still canon for that world. This is how Cox’s Daredevil was born. Spider-Man: No Homecoming and She-Hulk: Lawyer. Henwick’s Colleen could easily reappear, as the door is essentially open for any character from past Marvel TV shows to come back.

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Whether in the MCU movies or Disney+ shows, Kevin Feige and his creative team would have to determine where he would best fit in after the events of 2015. iron fist season 2. iron fist since she encountered it during its premiere, so showrunners changed after only one season, it would probably be easier for the MCU to get Colleen back in a movie or show and just explain a little bit about what she’s been up to afterward. iron fist season 2. Since almost a decade has passed in the MCU timeline iron fists Last season, this allows any creator to fill in the blanks as they continue Colleen’s MCU story without having to overcomplicate it.

Time will tell if Colleen will appear again in the MCU, but Daredevil: Reborn Cox’s new series, which debuts in 2024, is a natural starting point for Henwick’s character, especially after their encounter. Defenders. Matt Murdock is said to be looking for one of his former Defenders allies in the coming days. Echo This could easily be the beginning of the MCU bringing these characters together in Stages Fifth and Sixth. I hope Marvel Studios finds a way to reintegrate Colleen. MCU soon or later.

Source: ET Online

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