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In 2020, after a year and a half of work, Lexi Zielinkska came across OnlyFans on her Instagram and decided to try this site even though she was “very skeptical and suspicious” at first.

After just three months, he had earned £10,000 and resigned from B&Q in November 2020.

What are you doing?

He saved up £420,000 and bought a house for around £375,000 As of now; Lexi is on vacation in Zante, Greece. The actor reveals that he did not take a break for three years at B&Q

“It’s crazy, but it still doesn’t feel real,” Lexi (@lexi_zielinska), who has 94,000 Instagram followers, told JamPrime.com. “Sometimes I haven’t thought about it, but I can’t complain, I love my life so much.

“I used to give a little and work hard – I still work hard now, but at least I’m getting a decent salary. “On a good day, I can earn twice my monthly salary at B&Q, which makes things worthwhile.

“I like the work there and the people there, so I can’t sit here and say it’s a bad place to work because I’d be lying.” But I have always wanted better things in life. “

One of her favorite things to do is travel, which Lexi rarely got to do until she modeled for OnlyF. “I love to travel and it was difficult for me. “I have had four holidays this year and it’s only August. “

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Originally from Warsaw, Lexi moved to south-east London at the age of 13 and currently takes care of her mother Agatha, 53, who “loves to treat her”.


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Lexi Zielinska Age, Family, and Early Life

Lexi is 22 years old. He is from Warsaw Poland. As such, he is of Polish nationality and has a mixed ethnic background.

She is Agatha’s daughter. His family moved to London when he was only 13 years old.

Lexi Zielinska’s job, What is her job?

Zielinska is a model who has worked for B&Q and models for OnlyF.

Lexi Zielinska Net Worth

From August 2022; Lexi Zielinska’s net worth is under the radar.

What school did you go to? What was his major?

His educational qualifications and educational details are not available yet.

Lexi Zielinska Boyfriend, Was he dating / married? Are there children?

Lexi’s love life and her side of the story has not been revealed till now. So due to the lack of proper information related to her, we think that Lexi is a possibly single and single woman.

His Social Media Access

Lexi Zielinska is also active in social networking sites such as Instagram and TikTok accounts.


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Height, Weight, Sexual Orientation, Body of Lexi Zielinska

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair color N/A
Body type Fit
Practice sex Directly

Interesting facts about Lexi Zielinska that you should know about.

Ethnicity Polish
Ethnicity It is mixed
Zodiac sign N/A
Age 22
Relationship status N/A
My partner N/A
Children N/A


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Watch Lexi Zielinska OnlyFans Leaked Video

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