Mochis Edificio Video – Los Mochis Man Suicide Jumped from Building

A 40-year-old man suicide jumped from a building in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and was a transporter from the state of Mexico.

There is a building under construction belonging to Durango Autonomous University based in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, where a man committed suicide by jumping from the building.

The events were recorded yesterday, November 3, around 5 pm at the intersection of 10 de Mayo Street and Macario Gaxiola.

The man was identified as Tomas Alberto Hernandez Garcia, who worked as a truck driver but was unemployed at the time of his death. Police said that an investigation has been opened against him for having committed suicide by jumping from a height.

Un hombre se suicida de un edificio en construcción de la Universidad de Durango, campus Los Mochis en Sinaloa

A man commits suicide from a building under construction at the University of Durango, Los Mochis campus in Sinaloa


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