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Most Popular Music Player Application –
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Music can be played anywhere, including through your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, although every smartphone comes with a built-in music player app, not all of them can play our favorite music better.

To get around this, you need the help of an additional music player application to get the satisfaction of listening to our favorite songs.

The Android Music Player app is a third-party app that offers better audio quality than the default audio player on your smartphone.

In addition, this third-party application also brings settings and some supporting features to play music better.

Music Player App

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Well, the following signal search will provide a list of some of the best music player applications that you can download via your Android smartphone or tablet.

1. JOOX Music

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Not much different from other Android music player applications, the JOOX Music application also provides various convenient features for you when you want to listen to your favorite music and songs on your Android smartphone.

It’s just that the JOOX Music music app is more like Spotify. You can listen to music and songs offline or online.

In JOOX Music you can find your favorite songs as well as your favorite songs. Want to use the JOOX Music app? Just click here and get the app right away.

2. Spotify

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You can use this music player application both online and offline. If you want to listen to songs offline, of course, Spotify application users are required to download their favorite songs first which is then included in the playlist.

However, if you find it too inconvenient to download, you can use it online or suck up your internet quota.

Here you will find a wide variety of songs ranging from pop songs, old songs, children’s songs, KPOP, and many more. How to search for songs is also very easy, you just need to type in the title or artist name and the song will appear.

Well, Spotify also frees its users if they want to create their own playlist using the add to my playlist feature. Pretty complete, right?

3. Google Play Music

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No less popular than Spotify, big companies like Google are also launching free apps to play your favorite music and songs. The Android music player app which has been downloaded more than 3 million times by Android users is quite easy with a simple interface.

You can organize and enter multiple songs for later you create custom playlists. So you can listen to your favorite songs in a custom playlist that you have created. You can also download songs through the Google Play Music app.

4. Musixmatch

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Well, this one application can not only play your songs well, but can also sync songs with lyrics. Therefore, when you play a song with Musixmatch, the lyrics of the song will be displayed on the screen of your device.

This cool app has also been in the ranks of the “best apps of 2014” and is now one of the best music player apps in the editor’s choice of the Google Play Store version. Musixmatch can also identify Lyrics when you play songs on Youtube, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music.

The application, which has been downloaded 1.9 million times, has received a positive response from Android users on the Google Play Store. Curious to install Musixmatch on your Android device? Come on, download the application for free through the Google Play Store.

5. jetAudio HD music player

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jetAudio HD Music Player can play almost any digital song format you have. This app will make your music listening experience even more special.

jetAudio HD Music Player comes with a 20-band graphic equalizer and sound effects plug-in. This app developed by Team Jet also allows you to swipe through songs by simply shaking your device.

Amazingly, your favorite songs will play along with the original lyrics. Yes, you can sing while reading the lyrics displayed by this application.

jetAudio HD Music Player can be downloaded for free here, but if you want the premium version then you will be able to pay the $3.99 price and download it here.

6. YouTube Music

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Not only does YouTube have an app to watch awesome videos from its creators, it also has Youtube Music where you can play unlimited music.

Yes, in this application you can play more than 50 million Music from singers officially. Not only the studio version, on YouTube Music, you can also listen to songs sung live, just like you watch on the YouTube app or website.

You can certainly enjoy listening to music services for free. However, if you want to enjoy the full features of this App, you are required to subscribe to premium.

7. Resso

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Next up, there’s the Resso app. Resso allows you as a user to listen to your favorite music for free.

This app has many interesting features, including Lyrics that appear when your favorite song is playing. You can also create playlists according to your wishes and song genres according to your condition.

What’s more, you can enjoy music and be free from ad distractions with this one app.

8. Audify Music Player

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Audify Music Player is a simple but full-featured music player app. This one app lets you play your favorite songs by genre, create playlists, or even folders within the app.

Audify Music Player app can also play songs that suit your mood. Apart from that, the app has a 5 band equalizer. So you can tune the song you listen to according to your needs.

The Audify music player app is available on the Google PlayStore and can be downloaded for free. This application provides various language settings, including Indonesian.

9. Music Player

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Inshot, known for its video editor apps, also launched a music player app. This app from inshot lets you play songs from your Android phone.

Some of the audio formats that can be played in this application are MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAAC, and many more. Music Player application from Inshot is also equipped with an equalizer that can help you to adjust the effect on the music you listen to.

You can also play music directly from the smartphone folder and add it to the favorites list.

The final word

And maybe that’s all the admin can tell you all about Most Popular Music Player App. And I hope this review is useful for all of you.

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