One Piece Makes Nico Robin’s Flashback Less Tragic

One Piece Makes Nico Robin’s Flashback Less Tragic
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Warning: One Piece #1066. SPOILER for the episode

The most touching flashback A piecehistory, Nico Robin‘s heartbreaking farewell to his hometown of Ohara has been made far less tragic, with a major revelation. Episode #1066 A piece He says that the Giant Sea defector Jaguar D. Saul, who sacrificed himself to allow Robin to escape from Ohara, actually survived, and also managed to save the priceless library created by the nation’s scientists.

A piece It is famous for tragic flashbacks that periodically provide readers with a glimpse into the traumatic past of the series’ most important characters. While many are incredibly moving and sad, no one has reached the heights that Nico Robin’s comeback has touched. The current archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin grew up on Ohara, an island inhabited by scientists and researchers who have managed to uncover the truth about Earth’s mysterious past. A piece world. However, these were forbidden matters, so the World Government used its Navy to destroy Ohara and its scholars with the Buster Call. Robin survived because a Marine bunker he befriended, a Giant named Saul, sacrificed himself to allow him to escape the clutches of the Marines.

As the World Government branded him “Devil Boy” and continued to hunt him down, Robin spent twenty years on the run, having to survive alone as a child. Saul was one of the most important figures in his tragic life, who befriended him as a lonely boy in Ohara and encouraged him to laugh even in difficult times. Robin always carried the memory of Saul’s sacrifice, but in chapter 1066 A pieceDr. Vegapunk reveals that he visited Ohara shortly after the Straw Hats Buster Call. As the scientists’ last act, he found a team of giants recovering the books they had thrown into the lake, and the team’s captain was a giant covered in bandages. When Vegapunk later visits Elbaf, land of the Giants, to read the books, the man he met there is very similar to Saul, confirming that Robin’s savior has indeed survived.

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Saul’s Survival Doesn’t Make Robin’s Past Any Less Tragic

a running joke between A piece fans, writer Eiichiro Oda really dislikes killing his characters, who at some point will miraculously always return. Some fans have complained that Saul’s survival draws a lot out of the tragedy of Robin’s past. While it’s true that Oda does this trick all too often, Robin’s past is incredibly sad, even while Saul is still alive. He lost his mother and the few friends he had, and was hunted mercilessly by the World Government for years, forced to become a ruthless criminal in order to survive. Learning that Saul is still alive is actually a great moment for Robin’s character. Although he rarely shows his feelings, Robin cries freely and a smile crosses his face when he hears Vegapunk’s story.

Episode 1066 lets fans revisit Robin’s past from a new perspective: survival and triumph, not tragedy and defeat. Ohara’s will (which is also the name of the episode) lives on, and it’s most a triumph for Robin, who carried her alone for years before the Straw Hats became her new family. Saul’s survivability after the fall of Ohara is not reduced Nico Robin‘s tragic history, in any way, gives someone a measure of closure and compensation instead. A piecefavorite characters.

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