Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Find (& Catch) Eevee

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Find (& Catch) Eevee
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Eevee is one of the most popular The Pokemon of all time and it appears once again Pokemon Crimson and Violet. With the release of the newest game, trainers are eager to dive into the new all-open world main series gameplay. For Generation 9, players will travel to the Paldea region with over 400 Pokémon to collect in the game. when a lot has changed Pokemon Crimson and Violet Catching Pokemon remains the main goal of Eevee and players old and new, and many will try to find them as early as possible.

One of the original 150 Pokemon released in the 1990s, Eevee has been a firm favorite from the start thanks to its cute looks and unique evolution line with eight different possible next stages. While Eevee has not yet undergone a new evolution, Pokemon Crimson and Violetwill still be able to convert to previously released formats. While a normal type itself is not the strongest type on the battlefield, some of its evolutions, such as Dark-type Umbreon and Psychic-type Espeon, are very powerful. There are three places you can catch Eevee, the West Province (Area 3) and the South Province (Second District), which is the path to the Pokémon League.

How to Find Eevee

Fortunately for Eevee fans, it can be found and caught early in the game. After players finish the educational element of the game at the Academy and choose a new starting Pokemon, players can head straight to one of these areas to take on Eevee. Not far from the Academy is the City of Cortondo and just west of it is Southern State District 2.

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Eevee is listed as rarely seen on the Pokedex and will not appear on the minimap, but if trainers keep wandering around these areas, it will eventually appear. help Pokemon Violet and Crimson Making sandwiches can increase the chances of a certain type of Pokemon spawning, so by making a ham sandwich, normal types, including Eevee, will appear more often. Once you find the Eevee, it’s pretty easy to catch and can be found at a low 10-15 level early in the game.

Despite all the new Pokemon in Gen 9 like the ghost dog Greavard, Eevee remains one of the most popular among players in the series. With the new open world, many Pokemon can now be caught shortly after training is complete. Eevee can be found in three different locations. Pokemon Violet and Crimson early in the game and with its eight possible evolutions it can make a great addition to any party.



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