Recommended 7 Best Movie Streaming Applications on the Latest Android –

Recommended 7 Best Movie Streaming Applications on the Latest Android –
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Recommended 7 Best Movie Streaming Applications on the Latest Android. The nonyton film application is currently being widely used and needed by most people who like to watch movies.

With the development of the times, nowadays there are many activities that can be done at home, from shopping, looking for food, even watching movies, even though we can do it at home.

This is one of the many changes that technology has brought to human life.

Watching movies, activities that used to have to go to the cinema, or go buy a Blu-ray to be able to watch the film, can now be done at home.

Only by using a cell phone and internet access, and some money, of course. You can already watch a movie in your own home.

This can be done thanks to an application that offers movie streaming services. Currently, there are many Android and iOS applications that provide movie streaming services using various choices.

With this, you can watch movies wherever and whenever you want, you don’t have to bother going to the cinema or going to buy Blu-Ray just to watch movies.

Even so, there are not a few applications like this that embed malware on Android phones.

So you have to be careful when choosing an application that you can use, make sure the application is safe from dangerous malware.

Following are recommendations from several applications that offer the best movie streaming services and are also safe to use.

Starting from iflix, Netflix, Hooq, MAXstream and so on, which you can see below. Then take a look at the 7 Best Movie Streaming Application Recommendations on the Latest Android.



iflix is ​​an application that offers video on demand services, for example movies, TV series, and various other types of videos from several countries.

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iflix has been around since 2014, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently iflix has been operating in more than 20 countries, and Indonesia is one of them.

By using iflix, you will be able to enjoy various movies and TV series according to your preferences whenever you want.

What’s more, you are a Telkom product user. With work like that built by iflix and Telkom, you can receive special treatment from iflix, the special treatment is in the form of free VIP for one year.

Application Name iflix
Developer Magic Pro Ideas
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 10 thousand
Download HERE


image 1

For those of you who like to stream videos, surely you are quite familiar with the name Netflix.

Applications as one of the favorite entertainment media around the world, both from children to the elderly.

With Netflix, you can enjoy various films, TV series, cartoons, documentaries and various other types of videos.

Only through an Android phone, you can feel the atmosphere in a well-known cinema with high video quality.

Behind the features and services provided by Netflix, this application has drawbacks that you can feel, especially if you are a Telkom Indonesia customer.

This is because Telkom itself has blocked access to connect to Netflix. However, this service has not caused Telkom’s customers to run out of ideas.

They use third-party services to overcome access blocks. One of them is using VPN Check.

That way, you can enjoy streaming movies without worrying about being blocked. Not only that, Netflix also only provides international payment services such as Credit Cards, Paypal, and so on for purchasing subscription packages.

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But for those of you who can get past all of these shortcomings, this application is the best application that you can use.

Application Name Netflix
Developer Netflix, Inc.
Downloaded 1 billion


image 2

Unlike the 2 previous applications, this one application is an application created and developed in Indonesia, this application is Hooq.

Maybe this name is familiar to your ears. If you are a Telkomsel provider user in particular, maybe you often hear about the special packages that Telkomsel provides to use this application.

By using Hooq, you can enjoy various films and TV series, especially Indonesian TV series.

Apart from that, you also get streaming service of local TV channels for free via android phone.

Only with Rp. 50,000/month, you will be able to experience all the services for free, without ads, and without limitations.

Application Name Hooq
Developer Shreedhar Kaaranji
Rating Go 3
Downloaded 1 thousand


image 3

If Hooq and iflix are applications that work like Telkomsel, then not with this one application.

MAXstream is a video on demand service application developed by Telkomsel itself to keep up with the times.

As with the previous applications, by using this application you can also get access to enjoy various films in it, of course at a small additional cost.

Not only movies, MAXstream also has streaming services for various TV channels, local and international.

You can also get recordings of ongoing sports matches. If you are a Telkomsel customer, you can mobilize this MAXstream application with your VideoMAX quota.

Application Name MAXstream
Developer Telkomsel
Rating Go 12
Downloaded 10 million

Amazon Prime Video

image 4

Still with movie streaming applications, in 5th position there is an application developed by a super large company working in the technology sector, namely Amazon Prime Video.

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As the name suggests, this application is an application developed by Amazon to provide video streaming services, such as movies, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, and various other types of videos on your cellphone.

For only $5.99/month, you can enjoy all the movies on your android phone.

Don’t worry, if you are still unsure, Amazon Prime Video also provides free service for the first month as a trial step.

Application Name Amazon Prime Video
Developer Amazon Mobile LLC
Downloaded 500 million


image 5

Enjoy various films in your own home and turn your home into a unique cinema that is ready to show various films whenever you want with this one application.

CATCHPLAY, the application that can influence your mobile to become a live cinema. With the various films it has, this application will really satisfy you when watching movies.

Don’t want to join as a premium member, will you still want to watch the latest movies? No problem, at CATCHPLAY you can rent movies that you like without the need to become a premium member. Start with Rp. 15,000, you can already rent one of the newest films.

Application Name CATCHPLAY
Developer Catchplay
Downloaded 1 million

Google Play Film

image 6

Google Play Movies is a Google Play application that functions as a player for movies purchased or rented through Google Play.

If you connect to the Google Play Store on Android, of course there is a movie tab to choose from, you can find various movies provided by Google Play.

You can play these films with the Google Play Movies application, of course before that you have to buy or rent the film first.

Usually the Google Play Film application provides 2 film resolutions, namely Elementary School and HD, this service can be seen.

Application Name Google Play Film
Developer Google LLC
Downloaded 5 billion

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