Salto Piscine Video – Watch Salto Piscine Face Hit in Swimming Pool Jumping Video

Salto Piscine Face Hit in Swimming Pool Jumping Video are getting viral on Twitter, Reddit and different Social Media platfroms.

A 16-year-old teenager boy, Salto Piscine dives off and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the swimming pool water and hit the concrete.

Salto hits the concrete face first, then goes into the water. In a short while, the swimming pool for yards around has turned red with blood. There are people and other swimmers in the water trying to help the Salto.

The police arrive at the scene of this accident, as well as paramedics from an ambulance service. Salto is flown to a hospital in critical condition. The doctors do not think he will live.

I have been to the pool many times and have never seen anything like this before. I’m sure there are some people who never want to go back because they don’t want to see another accident like this one.

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