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  • Jojopyun was born on Oct 01, 2004 so he is 17 yo Libra ♎.
  • Jojopyun has CQ.Score 1616.07 and CQ.Rank equals 33 according to CQ-Esports ranking system.
  • Professional Esports League of Legends player Joseph Joon Pyun also known as Jojopyun (Canada).
  • Joseph Joon Pyun current streak is 2 loses.
  • Currently as for 2022 Jojopyun is a Evil Geniuses player (since September 06, 2022 and already for 24 days).
  • Jojopyun’s previous team was Evil Geniuses. He spent 280 days as a part of the team.
  • Current player’s winrate is 66.67%.
  • Joseph Joon “Jojopyun” Pyun has total earnings equal $ 45,000 and as for 2021 had income equal $ 3,000.
  • Latest Jojopyun achievement was 3 place in the tournament LCS Summer 2022 which earned him $ 5000 on 11 September 2022.

Joseph Joon “Jojopyun” Pyun Evil Geniuses LoL Player Profile

Jojopyun was a highly-touted solo queue prodigy who briefly played in the North American amateur scene for the short-lived Noble Esports. He was then picked up as a substitute for Zenith Esports, although he did not play for the team. At the end of the season, the roster of Zenith Esports was acquired by Evil Geniuses to form Evil Geniuses Prodigies. Jojopyun’s solo queue ranking qualified him for NASG 2020, but he was too young to attend the event. Nonetheless, he attracted the attention of Evil Geniuses’ new coach Peter Dun, who believed Jojopyun was a “real person to look out for” and that he “[could] be insane long term.”

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Jojopyun 2021 Season

Due to Peter Dun’s scouting, Jojopyun was signed as the Evil Geniuses Academy mid laner for the 2021 season, being too young to play in the LCS. Despite high expectations, the team performed poorly during the Spring split, finishing 10th place with a 2-7 record. However, the team improved rapidly and finished 4th in Proving Grounds. Jojopyun gained a reputation as an aggressive player who would play a feast or famine style, leading some commentators to describe him as a “coin flip” player, similar to the Evil Geniuses LCS mid laner Jiizuke. Despite inconsistencies, Tim Sevenhuysen ranked Jojopyun as the second most promising upcoming talent, behind only Kenvi.

Jojopyun 2022 Season

Jojopyun was promoted to the Evil Geniuses LCS team in a move that was controversial because the previous mid laner, Jiizuke, was coming off of a career best split in which he won 1st All Pro Team. Doublelift suggested that LCS teams were more concerned with “developing talent” than winning, a comment that seemed to be aimed at Evil Geniuses, which was also fielding a young bot laner in Danny. With the team rounded out by veteran talents Impact, Inspired, and Vulcan, Evil Geniuses was expected to perform well, but was not considered a favorite for the LCS title over reigning champion 100 Thieves or star-studded Team Liquid. The team took off to a hot start during LCS 2022 Lock In, going undefeated in group stages and the first two rounds of the knockout stage. However, Evil Geniuses lost to Team Liquid 0-3 in the finals, with Jojopyun in particular being criticized for his performance against Bjergsen. During the LCS 2022 Spring regular season, Evil Geniuses continued to struggle against top teams, losing every game against Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and Cloud9. Jojopyun became known as a lane dominant player, leading the league’s mid laners in gold and creep score at 10 minutes. However, he often struggled to translate lane leads to later success, winding up with low kill participation and a high deaths in side lanes. Some fans called for him to be replaced by veteran free agents such as Jensen or Nisqy, while others believed he showed promise as a rookie. The team finished with a 9-9 regular season record, only one win above being eliminated from playoffs.

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In playoffs, few predicted the team to do well, with most attention on Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and Cloud9. However, Evil Geniuses surprised many when they took Team Liquid to five games in the first upper bracket series. Evil Geniuses ultimately lost the series and went to the loser’s bracket, where the team continued to improve. After defeating FlyQuest 3-1, they swept Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves one after another to win the split. Jojopyun became the youngest player to win the LCS.


  • Gained fame stream-sniping famous Fortnite streamers including Turner “Tfue” Tenny, then beating them in 1v1s, before switching to League of Legends.
  • Fourth native North American mid laner, and first Canadian mid laner, to win the LCS.
  • The previous native North American LCS champions were Reginald, Hai, and Pobelter.
  • The second Canadian mid laner to attend Worlds and the first since bigfatlp in 2012.
  • Youngest player to win the LCS (winning at 17 years, 6 months).
    The previous record holder was Santorin, who won 2015 Spring at 17 years, 11 months.
  • Known for his trash talk, famously saying “This is your goat??” after defeating Bjergsen during the LCS 2022 Lock In.

EG Jojopyun: Solo queue with T1 stories? Singed mid viable at worlds?

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