What happen if 10,000 firecrackers were plant inside a car?

What happen if 10,000 firecrackers were plant inside a car?
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Actually, the YouTuber Amit Sharma is well known for posting a wide variety of videos on his channel. You’ll be astonished to see that he only just recorded such a video.

How did he manage to do all of this?

The firecrackers were initially attached to the top of the car with the use of tape. Additionally, a reaction video was created to watch it. What happens when you set off fireworks near an automobile, according to the article? 5,000–10,000 firecrackers had been placed on top of the automobile at once by Amit and his friends. Although they weren’t used on the car’s windows.

More than 1 lakh firecrackers were set off on the car by popular YouTuber Amit Sharma, who also recorded the entire event. Just one day before Diwali, Amit Sharma, a YouTuber, shared this video on his “Crazy XYZ” channel from C. The footage depicts them lighting many firecrackers outside the car.

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Every camera on YouTube was already set up.

Amit Sharma then used the remote to start the fire in the vehicle. Amit Sharma and his colleagues mounted many drone cameras, GoPro cameras, and other cameras to capture the full episode of lighting one lakh fireworks. Long after the firecrackers had been put out, the sound of explosions persisted.

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before the firecrackers erupted, all of the car’s windows were white. Despite the fact that the car’s hood appeared fine, everything else turned black. The car, though, didn’t appear to have any substantial damage.

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Despite the occurrence, the car’s battery was in pristine condition; however, paint “bubbles” had developed. All the firecrackers were set off as Amit Sharma attempted to drive the vehicle. The car took some time to start, but eventually it did. However, it later did so once again. This video has since been taken down from YouTube. The reason it was taken out was not made known.

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But this is not the first time that such videos have been produced. YouTuber continues to produce content like this. On his channel, he does such stunts in a number of videos. On his YouTube channel over the Diwali holiday, sky shot on the car is seen performing numerous firecracker-related feats on the vehicle.

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