Who Is DeviantSeiga On Twitter As Catgirl Belly Inflation Video And Anime Pictures Go Viral

Who Is DeviantSeiga On Twitter As Catgirl Belly Inflation Video And Anime Pictures Go Viral
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DeviantSeiga is a Twitter account, which has recently become famous for posting various NSFW videos and images, including a catgirl belly inflation video recently going viral

Some social media users are known for using their accounts to post NSFW or vulgar contents to gain more followers or views.

Know Who Is DeviantSeiga On Twitter As Catgirl Belly Inflation Video And Anime Pictures Go Viral

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DeviantSeiga frequently posts NSFW contents to attract internet users, which has put him on the spotlight of various public discussions.

Who Is Deviantseiga On Twitter?

The DeviantSeiga is a twitter user who is a self-proclaimed inflation animator as stated on his Twitter bio. DeviantSeiga’s animation videos and images have become internet sensations, and many are curious to find out why.

Although not much is known about this Twitter account, we do know that the account is being used to promote vulgar content to gain followers. Uploading eye-catching content, whether vulgar or appropriate is a popular trick to gain more followers or viewers on social media.

Lots of social media users have used predicaments and catastrophes in recent years, as a marketing tactic to bring in more followers on social media. DeviantSeiga seems to be one such user who believes in using this method.

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DeviantSeiga Catgirl Belly Inflation Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Just recently, DeviantSeiga posted a video depicting a cat girl getting her belly inflated by cream. The animated NSFW video has gone viral on Twitter with so many users curious to see it. Besides Twitter, the video has also received a lot of attention on other social networking sites.

In fact, many users have turned the viral footage into memes making it more popular and easy to share. The video has currently drawn both positive and negative reviews, but whatever it may, it has become a huge hit.

In the viral video, a ‘catlady’ with a tail watches a part of the manufacturing centre where she accidentally falls. The catlady gets stuck and gets fed with cream by the factory machines till she gets her belly inflated.

The short video promotes inappropriate content, with animated sexual references. As of now, the video is available on all the major social media sites. Despite how popular and viral DeviantSeiga’s video has become, it still isn’t for everyone.

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