Who Is Marianne Myers Who Ray McNeil The Husband Of Sally McNeil Had An Affair With

Who Is Marianne Myers Who Ray McNeil The Husband Of Sally McNeil Had An Affair With
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Netflix’s Killer Sally besides describing the life of Sally McNeil, also depicts Ray McNeil and his relationship with Marianne Myers with whom he was having an affair with

Killer Sally is the latest true-crime documentary series on Netflix, which details the life of former bodybuilder Sally McNeil, and how she murdered her husband Ray McNeil,

Killer Sally, What Kind Of Relationship Did Ray McNeil And Marianne Myers Have And Where Is She Now In 2022

Netflix released Killer Sally as a three episode series on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022.

The Tragic Story

Sally and Ray McNeil were a pair of bodybuilder who first met while serving as Marine Corps officers in 1987. The pair both enjoyed success in their bodybuilding careers after getting married.

However, according to several reports, Ray McNeil was allegedly very abusive towards her and also towards her two children from her previous marriage.

Eventually, Sally McNeil couldn’t take the abuse anymore and shot Ray to death on Valentine’s Day in 1995. Following which the court convicted her with second-degree murder and sentenced her to prison for 19 years.

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Ray McNeil And Marianne Myers’ Relationship

Besides Ray and Sally, the documentary also includes another woman named Marianne Myers. Marianne was apparently Ray McNeil’s mistress and partner with whom he had an affair with, while married to Sally McNeil.

The former girlfriend also makes some appears in the documentary through some old footage giving her account of the events. Ray McNeil allegedly wasn’t in love with his wife Sally and cheated on her during several occasions.

Ray and Myers first met at a local gym around three years before Sally killed him. The pair soon began dating and slowly build a strong romantic relationship.

Following McNeil’s murder, Myers shared with officials:

“We really had that kind of true love, you know. It’s the kind of stuff in poetry or that they make movies about.”

Was Sally McNeil Aware Of Ray And Marianne?

Apparently, Sally was indeed more than just aware of the affair going on between Ray and Marianne. Sally McNeil found out about her husband’s affair by looking at the phone bills.

One time, Sally called up Myers and allegedly threatened her with violence if she ever came around her husband again:

“I’ll kick your a** if you ever show up around here again”.

Despite the warning , the documentary showed how McNeil and Myers continued their affair, even spending time the day he got murdered on Valentine’s Day. The documentary even suggests that McNeil was already considering his marriage over.

Following McNeil’s murder, Myers gave a full cooperation with the police and their investigation. She provided any sort of information that might have had to help solve the case.

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When the authorities asked her about McNeil and his wife’s relationship, Myers argued that “she’d (Sally) drag up all the old negative stuff between them and just hurl it at him…”

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