Why Eleven Could Kill Will in Stranger Things 5

Why Eleven Could Kill Will in Stranger Things 5
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There are many theories stranger things Season 5 about Will Byers, with growing speculation that he might die at the hands of Eleven. Will’s connection with Vecna ​​is likely to play a major role in the final season. Although it has been pushed into the background in recent seasons stranger thingsWill’s ties to the Upside Down will certainly be the key to Vecna’s defeat and perhaps his own demise.

However, the exact extent of Will’s ties to Vecna ​​is unknown. stranger things The regiment of Season 4 finally proves to be the key player once again. Although Will doesn’t seem to be part of his hive mind, he can sense Vecna ​​through a psychic connection. Vecna’s use of this connection to control Will can force Eleven into a situation where she has to kill him to weaken Vecna. Eleven is an obvious choice for the job, not just because of her powers, but also because of her relationships. Also, Will is extremely loyal to his friends and willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the group.

Why Will Will Sacrifice Himself in Stranger Things 5?

Will Byers’ connection to Vecna ​​could be a double-edged sword for the gang. stranger things Season 5 may allow them to both follow Vecna ​​and be followed by her. If Will becomes an obligation to the group, he can offer himself to save the group. It would have been a full circle moment as most of the first season was spent rescuing it. Alternatively, if Vecna ​​dies, Will dies too. So Eleven could have indirectly killed Will by defeating Vecna. Will’s sacrifice to save his friends would complement the series nicely and increase the character’s overall value after playing a smaller role in recent seasons.

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Why Eleven Killing Will Make sense for Stranger Things

Eleven and Will Byers developed a sibling-like relationship, and Eleven was temporarily adopted into the Byers family following Hopper’s disappearance. Although the two don’t have much interaction stranger things Their relationship has grown over the past few seasons due to being stuck on the Upside Down in season 1. Eleven having to kill Will adds an important emotional arc to the final season and may make him stronger. Eleven’s powers are significantly increased when she is enraged, and Will’s death may give Eleven the power to eventually kill Vecna.

As the group’s strategist, Will’s psychic bond with Vecna ​​will undoubtedly confront the duo in a battle of the minds. stranger things season 5. He’s been severely underrepresented in past seasons and it would make a lot of sense to have him back in focus to go into the final season. Will’s sacrifice could be a trump card if the group can’t come up with another plan to defeat Vecna. Will may already know this as he is typically the most observant member of the group. His will is “Wise” Dungeons and Dragons The nickname will most likely be on full display as the group enters the final battle with Vecna.



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